NADAM by Little Creatures

Shik-shik! Brrr...ring! Tock-tock! Hwing! Nadam is sound. You can hear it in the noisiest cacophonies, or as the softest stream of awareness sneaking into your ear. A performance that brings extra-ordinary sounds to parents and babies alike. An immersive performance that brings extra-ordinary sounds to parents and babies alike, babies and their parents are encouraged to "be" with the performers in the moment. The performance is inspired by the philosophies of Heaven, Earth and Man, manifested through the performers’ musical improvisations along with babies’ and parents’ play of sounds.

For families with babies 24 months and below.

About Little Creatures

Little Creatures is an initiative dedicated to the creation of a space for children in the early years to play and learn through sounds, sonic objects and ideas. With the firm belief that children derive meaningful experiences, construct interpersonal relationships, and manifest their creativity through play, Little Creatures produces performances and workshops that involve the young and the young at heart in immersive manners. To date, Little Creatures has presented free-form music jam sessions for children such as "Bitesize Lil'Creatures" - a musical exploration of dynamics, tempo and articulation for babies 36 months and under; and "Music Jamboree" - a sing and jam-a-long session for the entire family. Currently, the team is working on a performance for infants 18 months and under that would engage the children as co-performers in creating sounds. Little Creatures is curated under the not-for-profit arts company, SAtheCollective Ltd. (Singapore).
Sat Jun 22, 2019
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM SGT
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General Admission FULL
Venue Address
90 Goodman Road Singapore
Goodman Arts Centre

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